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The presence of a multitude of so-called micropollutants
in the aquatic environment is of growing
concern for many scientists. There is evidence of
detrimental, often endocrine disrupting effects on
organisms and still uncertainty about implications
for human beings.
In line with the precautionary principle it is necessary
to minimise the impacts of these compounds.
During the last years, many research projects have
addressed different aspects of this multi-facetted
environmental problem in often multi-disciplinary
Improved analytical methods for detection and
quantification of these substances as well as new
technologies to degrade or retain them during water
treatment processes are in the focus of investigation.
Furthermore, their fate in the environment and
the associated risks are under discussion.
RWTH Aachen has exhibited long-lasting commitment
to these aspects and gained experience in
educating young researchers in this field. The organisers
have been pursuing an interdisciplinary
research approach to this topic for six years, while
hosting the Postgraduate Program AGEESA. With
AQUAbase a similar research training site has been
established recently.
It is therefore both a pleasure and a concern to organise
this 1st IWA National Young Researches
Conference themed emerging pollutants and
emerging technologies.
This IWA Conference especially addresses young
researchers in the water, wastewater and engineering
field. It offers a forum to discuss current and future
technologies and their adaptation to new requirements.
Besides the presentation of research
results, the meeting should also encourage discussions
about experienced bottlenecks of existing
methods and processes.
Beginn:  27.10.2005  08:30
Ende:  28.10.2005  14:00
Ort:  RWTH Aachen University
Registration is compulsory
Information about Registration can be found on www.isa.rwth-aachen.de/nyrc