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WS Brüssel 14

Workshop Announcement

"Experience with "WasserBLIcK" and interesting aspects in the context of WISE"

on 15/16 February 2005 at the Hanse Office in Brussels,

20, avenue Palmerston


Germany wishes to actively support the Commission in setting up a "Water Information System for Europe (WISE)". The integral approach of managing all water-relevant aspects on an Internet platform is considered expedient. This approach necessitates clear concepts for reporting.

At present the issue of WFD reporting (legally binding reporting) is top priority. The related tasks require specific system properties. Reporting under voluntary mechanisms necessitates further system properties (Reporting for water- concept report; Towards a Guidance on Reporting under the WFD). It will not be possible to complete implementation of all necessary system functions at the same time.

The WFD reporting needs short-term support of the DG Environment (target 2006, Mandate Expert Group GIS) with system properties for

  • implementation control
  • compliance checking
  • information of parliament/public.

In contrast, reporting beyond this is geared, for example, towards system properties for

  • assessing state and trends
  • assessing effectiveness of policy

and thus supports above all the tasks of the EEA, the JRC and EuroStat. These functions are to be established in the medium to long term (target 2010, Reporting for water-concept report).

In implementing the Water Framework Directive, data and information management is crucial for Germany, which is involved in 7 international river basin districts. 24 competent authorities are responsible for these areas. This geographical location already leads to challenges similar to those applying to a Commission "Water Information System for Europe".

In view of this situation the water management authorities concerned in Germany set up the Internet portal "WasserBLIcK" in recent years which from the perspective of the Member States has to satisfy comparable system properties as those that apply for DG ENV.

In order to outline and discuss an overall picture of the WasserBLIcK system concept, an appropriate timescale must be available. For this reason Germany would like to host this workshop and hopes to be able to make a constructive contribution to setting up "WISE".



Generally participation in the workshop is limited to invited people.

See list of registered participants.

For further information please contact:


Dr. R. Busskamp

Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde

Postfach 200253

56002 Koblenz


Tel.: ++49 (0)261 1306-5255

Fax.: -5609

email: busskamp@bafg.de

Beginn:  15.02.2005  13:00
Ende:  16.02.2005  12:00
Ort:  Hanse Office in Brussel
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