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Nature-oriented flood damage prevention - NOFDP
an INTERREG IIIB funded project

While in the last decades prevention of flood damage mostly referred to technical measures only the occurrence of severe flood damage in recent time led to a more comprehensive view on that topic. Nowadays the European Water Framework Directive urges on the necessity of ecological sustainable development of river corridors and provides a binding time schedule for implementing respective measures within river basins.

The river basin itself as a compound of water-, ecological- and human-system is often affected by plannings of numerous administrative sectors having their specific goals in mind. Especially transboundary river systems are exposed to numerous interferences as planning culture differs throughout different countries. Thus a basic future requirement is the development of integrated planning methodologies for river basins resulting in sound multi-sectoral as well as multi-objective management strategies.

Taking into account the above mentioned requirements the INTERREG IIIB NWE Project "Nature-oriented flood damage prevention (NOFDP)" aims at implementing an information and decision support tool (IDSS) compiling transnational demands on spatial planning, flood damage prevention and ecological improvement of river corridors to a multi-sectoral and multi-objective planning instrument assisting decision makers of the NWE-region in taking optimum decisions in riverine planning.

This ambitious target is supported by four real world investment projects located in The Netherlands (waterboards of river Mark/Vliet, river Aa, river Dommel - province Noord-Brabant) and Germany (waterboard of river Mümling, State of Hesse) having well developed scenarios for flood damage prevention plannings. An interactive process among this investment group (in charge of the constructions) and the so called development group (experts and specialists -Darmstadt University of Technology, German Federal Institute of Hydrology, Province Noord-Brabant) will form the IDSS.
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