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Water stress, either caused by droughts, competing water uses or hydrological conditions is an important driver for an efficient water management by all water users. This applies to many regions across the world. Water reclamation and reuse – “Overcoming Water Stress by Water Reclamation and Reuse” - is the key strategy to cope with these problems. The 12th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse brings together experts from research and development, solution providers and application.


  • Agricultural reuse

  • Industrial reuse

  • Urban reuse including landscape irrigation (non potable)

  • Groundwater recharge

  • Small-scale/decentralized systems

  • Potable reuse (surface water augmentation and groundwater recharge)

  • Direct potable reuse

  • Integrated reuse systems (industrial, urban, rural)

  • Reuse in developing countries

  • Operation, maintenance and service arrangements

  • Monitoring and compliance

  • Market acceptance of reuse solutions

  • Public perception, engagement, and acceptance

  • Risk management

  • Regulation and governance

  • Social and economic perspectives

  • Partnerships for reuse scheme development/ Industrial symbiosis

  • Case studies: from 0% up to 100% reuse

  • Extending the limits of traditional treatments

  • Developing risk assessment models: microbial and chemical components

  • Innovative treatment technologies and applications

  • New reuse concepts

  • Water, food, and energy nexus in reuse

  • Energy/ Nutrient recovery

  • Concentrate and residual management

  • Overcoming institutional and legal barriers

  • Integrating reuse in existing systems

  • Recent experiences in developing EU regulations


COUNTRY: Germany
CITY: Berlin
START DATE: 16/06/2019
END DATE: 20/06/2019
WEBSITE: iwareuse2019.org
CONTACT: neumann@dechema.de

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Beginn:  16.06.2019  08:00
Ende:  20.06.2019  18:00
Ort:  Berlin